1. 28 Feb, 2018 3 commits
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      Bumped version counter · 739fcd2e
      Marco Kellershoff authored
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      Adds exclusion for `/package.json` (do not lint!) · e328a695
      Marco Kellershoff authored
      This commit adds an exclusion for the `package.json` that is in the root
      directory of your project, because they are usually generated by either
      `npm` or `yarn`.
      It also adds a specific section to the `README.md` for all Exclusions that
      take place to.
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      Finalizes Rules · fdd7e250
      Marco Kellershoff authored
      This commit finlalizes the rules listing and adds detailed information
      on every rule.
      The detailed information on every rule consists of:
      - What's the rules name?
      - What does the rule do?
      - What's the rule configuration option we chose?
      - Why did we choose this option?
      - What's the rationale behind it?
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