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Adds all steps from the screencast to the README

This commit finally adds all the steps from the screencast to the
README, but I plan to add additional information in the next few
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......@@ -196,6 +196,40 @@ Let's check if the pod is ready
kubectl get pods | grep "api-graphqlapi"
Let's check what ports are exposed and can be forwarded to our local machine
kubectl get pod api-graphqlapi-689c945996-z95gh -o json | jq .spec.containers
The `[0].ports.containerPort` part says it exposes port 5000, let's forward
this port to our local machine. We'll forward **the pod's port 5000 to our
local port 5337**
kubectl port-forward api-graphqlapi-689c945996-z95gh 5337:5000
This should give you an output like this
Forwarding from -> 5000
We want to run this in the background and continue to use our terminal,
so we interrupt the process by typing <kbd>CTRL</kbd> + <kbd>z</kbd>,
then we type `bg` to make the interrupted process run in the background.
You can check that it worked by typing `jobs`, which will print this
[1]+ Running kubectl port-forward api-graphqlapi-689c945996-z95gh 5337:5000 &
We could have made it run in the background right away with this `&` at the
end, but this way you learned how to interrupt and resume processes in the
## Screencast
[Jens][jens-github] recorded a screencast showing each step of the workshop
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