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Add Passing `golint` check section to README

This commit adds the section on how to pass the `golint` checks and also
adds explanation on why use `golint`.
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......@@ -58,6 +58,30 @@ You should really consider running `gofmt` each time you save your files.
There are excellent plugins that helps to ease the pain,
like the wonderful [vim-go][vim-go-github] plugin for *Vim* and *NeoVim*.
### Passing `golint` check
You don't have to do anything specific to pass the `golint` testing stage,
because I can't enforce them; even the official repo states:
> The suggestions made by golint are exactly that: suggestions.
> Golint is not perfect, and has both false positives and false negatives.
> Do not treat its output as a gold standard.
> We will not be adding pragmas or other knobs to suppress specific warnings,
> so do not expect or require code to be completely "lint-free".
> In short, this tool is not, and will never be,
> trustworthy enough for its suggestions to be enforced automatically,
> for example as part of a build process.
> Golint makes suggestions for many of the mechanically checkable
> items listed in Effective Go and the CodeReviewComments wiki page.
Following to the best extend is in the hands of the developers,
but if we happen to work on a project and you're simply ignoring all this,
I will come to your desk and start yelling at you. I swear!
This should also help to minimize the possiblity of merge conflicts and also
help to ease-in code-reviews.
## Example Unit-Tests
### Example Goblin Unit-Test
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