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Add section 90% coverage check to README

This commit adds a section on how to pass the *90% code coverage check*
and explains what you have to do and why this is a good idea.
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......@@ -82,6 +82,20 @@ I will come to your desk and start yelling at you. I swear!
This should also help to minimize the possiblity of merge conflicts and also
help to ease-in code-reviews.
### Passing *90% Code Coverage* check
This one is simple. Just write tests. Write enough tests, so you have at least
90% covered. If you cheat on the system and write tests, that do nothing just
to pass this test and I happen to be the peer who is reviewing your code,
I will come to your desk and start yelling at you (again).
Be a good citizen. Respect the coding guidelines and write good and sane tests.
This will make everyones life easier. It'll help to minimize bugs introduced by
new features. It'll help to discover breaking changes real quick and it even
shows you code-smell at first glance. If you can't test the code, the code is
bad. Simple as that. Refactor so you can test your code.
## Example Unit-Tests
### Example Goblin Unit-Test
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