Verified Commit 4a5b2e43 authored by Marco Kellershoff's avatar Marco Kellershoff 🤸

Switch back to prev. window after starting Task

parent dfcc2a04
......@@ -110,9 +110,11 @@ function! s:ExecExternalCommand(command)
if s:isVerbose == 0
call jobstart(["bash", "-c", a:command])
let winnr = winnr()
botright new | call termopen(["bash", "-c", a:command], extend({"shell": s:PluginName}, s:termEventCallbacks))
let s:TaskfileWindow = winnr()
execute "normal! G"
execute winnr . "wincmd w"
elseif v:version >= 800
if s:isVerbose == 0
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