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*OpenUrl.txt* A Vim/Neovim plugin to open URLs in your default browser.
Author: Marco Kellershoff <>
License: MIT License (see |license|)
This plugin's main purpose is to open URLs under your cursor (
or fall-back to [investigate.vim](,
when `OpenUrl#GetUrl()` can't find a valid URL.
COMMANDS *OpenUrl-commands*
There are no commands registered by the plugin.
MAPPINGS *OpenUrl-mappings*
There are no mappings registered by the plugin.
You need to map it according to your preference.
Tries to extract an URL with the help of `OpenUrl#GetWordUnderCursor()` and
`OpenUrl#GetUrl(word)`, then it passes the URL to
`OpenUrl#WithDefaultBrowser(url)` which opens the URL with your default browser
or, if `OpenUrl#GetUrl(word)` fails to extract a URL,
falls back to `investigate#Investigate())` if `g:OpenUrl_DarkInvestigate`
is set.
The first parameter is the name of the binary, e.g. `google-chrome-stable`
and the second parameter is the `path` or `url`.
ABOUT *OpenUrl-about*
Grab the latest version or report a bug on GitHub:
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