1. 11 Sep, 2020 4 commits
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      Removes internal functions from global scope · 971c645c
      Marco Kellershoff authored
      This commit removes most of the functions that are only meant for
      internal use from the global accessible scope.
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      Fixes code example in README · edee382b
      Marco Kellershoff authored
      The text said *if you want to disable it*, but the code showed was to
      enable it.
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      Adds `AutoRemoteSync#Delete()` function · 7589cfc4
      Marco Kellershoff authored
      This commit adds a function to delete remote files and directories.
      If no argument is supplied, it  just deletes the remote file that
      corresponds to the local buffer name.
      You can also supply up to 3 arguments:
      1. filepath (string)
      2. verbose (int=0)
      3. recursive and forced (int=0)
      So if I want to delete a folder recursively I could do it like so:
      call AutoRemoteSync#Delete("path/to/folder", 1, 1)
      If I just want to delete the file I'm currently looking at in my current
      buffer, I would just do this:
      call AutoRemoteSync#Delete()
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      Removes hack to prohibit stacking bufwrite events · d39ca255
      Marco Kellershoff authored
      This commit removes the hack I made to prohibit stacking `bufwrite`
      Previously, I set a global variable if the the user enables the plugin,
      and checked this variable if the user tries to enable the plugin
      consecutive times to prohibit stacking of events.
      Now, I simply do it the right way, by utilizing an `augroup` which I
      simply reset every time the user enables the plugin, before registering
      any more events.
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      Adds async job processing for Vim 8+ · 233043b3
      Marco Kellershoff authored
      The `AutoRemoteSync#ExecExternalCommand()` utilizes the native async
      `call job_start()` function to start a thread for Vim version 8+.
    • Marco Kellershoff's avatar
      Moves the async jobstart to the ctrl-function · 3388ee47
      Marco Kellershoff authored
      Moves the async `jobstart()` function from `AutoRemoteSync#Upload()` and
      `AutoRemoteSync#Download()` to `AutoRemoteSync#ExecExternalCommand()`.
    • Marco Kellershoff's avatar
      Adds async job control of Neovim · f718bff3
      Marco Kellershoff authored
      `AutoRemoteSync#Upload()` and `AutoRemoteSync#Download()` both utilize
      the `jobstart()` function of Neovim and therefore are non-blocking in
      See also: https://neovim.io/doc/user/job_control.html#job-control-usage
  8. 24 Feb, 2018 3 commits